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Our Story

Akasa Wellness Solution was founded by Dr. Lipi Pathak in 2012, to fulfill the void in the wellness Industry of Certified & Experienced Professionals. Lipi draws on its more than 10 years of experience in the Spa, Hospitality, Wellness, and Lifestyle markets to deliver the services needed to produce a successful and profitable spa.

Akasa has  completed over 50 spa projects successfully across the country and is the winner of 7 prestigious awards.

Akasa Wellness Solutions relishes the unique and indigenous opportunity presented by each new project. Our comprehensive methods involve profound research into the spa and wellness culture of the surrounding environs, as well as a thorough understanding of five-star standards, financial projections, and global traditions and trends. This process provides owners with ultimate guidance in determining feasibility, vision, and design, as well as creating an operational advantage. 

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